Queen told to renounce royal title immediately as ‘writing on wall’ over monarchy’s demise


Soon as I read “Queen told” I instantly went into Good Little Clickbait Victim mode.

Turned out this person “telling” her is Graham Smith of Republic. Firstly, no, I have no clue either. Secondly and more importantly, who exactly appointed HIM to speak for “the public” he is clearly so confident that he represents??

Oh..ohhhh, he appointed himself…?

🤔 Well that sounds terribly familiar, doesn’t it.

I’m assuming he has all the answers as to quite who, if the Royals all suddenly retire, is going to maintain and keep safe all the property and in many cases priceless artwork and artefacts housed and maintained by the Royal family….? Because you know that would all need funding.

Oh, you hadn’t thought quite that far ahead, Graham…? You’d thought about as far as “well I don’t like the Royals, they should all go”..? I see. Well done there, you little cretin.

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