Jameela Jamil insists she is ‘fine’ after ‘so much hatred from men’ over skincare comments – Metro


Yeah she basically specialises in elaborating on innocuous shit that doesn’t need elaborating on. That’s just fucking obvious, petal. Sorry if you feel that base level common sense is “intense misogyny”. Perhaps if you had some you would be a little less obsessed with everyone not agreeing with you as being a hateful misogynist. You always love to direct your dismissal towards men. I bet you never even mention any criticism you get from women and girls, and if you do you’d just call them slaves to a misogynistic world. Some people just relish in their victimisation complex. What’s less complex is her childish habit of deliberately saying shit that she already knows will piss men off, and then turning round and saying “see, there they go again, being all hateful and wanting us women to just shut up”. If they all just ignored the troll, she’d not only become very confused, but also you’d see her become increasingly desperate to piss men off. Because let’s face it she couldn’t earn money off her talks and books and appearances etc if she didn’t have ammunition. So you need to keep that ammunition stock supplied, because if you don’t, the work is going to dry up pretty quick.

It must be unique to live in such a bizarre world.

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