New King’s Quest game…?!!!

Activision now fully own Sierra??! This is THE best (late to the table) news I’ve found in a LONG while.

I don’t give a fuck if you hate Activision, this is THE best thing that could have happened. Why? Because Activision GIVE a fuck about games. They’re one of the oldest beasts in the gaming world. It’s all they DO. Vivendi, who originally bought Sierra…? They’re a fucking water company. So say whatever you like about Activision, at least things should head in the right direction from here on in. Clearly Sierra, whatever scrag ends remained of them in the end, were treated as NOTHING other than an asset to strip to Vivendi. They didn’t care about their decades long history. “Nah fuck all that lame shit, how much can we grab for a couple of years trading off the nostalgia dollar?”. Fuck you.

If done badly, a new King’s Quest game will be a sack of shit. But if done well, I might just get those same feelings back that I had in 1994, when playing my first EVER ‘proper PC’ game.

Alexander is about to pull out his magic map….right after I make him.

Ahem….I had forgotten they already exist. I should try them!!

Edit 2: Hmmmmmmmmm. It appears that Activision haven’t actually done anything new other than the originally announced titles back in 2015. But I can still hold my candle here, and Sierra are at least with a company that gives a fuck about gaming, rather than just water with a side-chick of a computer games company.

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