Czechs out

The more I read about Alza, the more I’m realising yes they are a legit business after all. And I’m starting to think all the people trying to scare you about them are probably working for Amazon and trying to scare anyone away from any dangerous competitor that isn’t called “Amazon”. Not least as Alza are expanding, and Amazon prices are well known (by anyone who isn’t an Amazon customer) to be shit. Combine those 2 facts – they equal a scared Amazon pissing their pants over someone undermining their original core business.

Alza have an extensive, highly detailed history on their own site, which frankly, no dodgy fly-by-night outfit is going to bother concocting. Another idiot on a forum (can’t remember where) said to avoid them just because their parent company is based in Cyprus. Presumably this was when Cyprus was still a tax haven. Well, that information is now outdated.

HotUKDeals is your guaranteed source of answers…..from fucking clueless muppets.

Right now I’m waiting so impatiently for Alza to update their listing of the Zenfone 7 Pro. The minute I discover they have, as they expect stock today, I am ordering – not least because Alza also state that they use DPD. Gearbest have it for £6 less with free delivery – but Gearbest, as I discovered when they stole my parcel, use Yodel – and ANYONE who is wise would avoid ordering from any company that uses Yodel to ‘deliver’ their items You have to use that term lightly – they don’t deliver them half the time. The rest of the time…..?

Lest we forget.

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