Android Not Much Authority

Good gawd……

I’ve just had a quick read through of the AndroidAuthority review of the Zenfone 7 and it’s like reading a proverbial dog with a bone. And now after going bezel-less, they’re now claiming “the bezels are thick”…Err…..

They also love to mention how “hefty” it is. It’s as if unless it’s a Samsung phone it can NEVER be a great phone. It can only ever make it to “decent”, and have the “although it does have a..” at the end of the various spec descriptions, rather than starting with describing those.

Just look at them, by stark contrast, cooing and gushing over the Samsung S20. The tropes here revolve around “this phone other than the Samsung is a bit better at this feature BUT that other phone has this negative point”. No such angles exist when they review the Zenfone 7.

It’s clear that Samsung have deep enough pockets to proliferate bias right across the internet when it comes to Android phone reviews and that’s a really sad state of affairs, because a lot of people actually trust these reviews, and perceive them to be independent. They don’t sit there and compare the subtle leanings between ASUS and the competition, and thus they will never have the hands-on experience themselves, because they’ll be too afraid to take the chance. They will just panic, whilst seeing the constant “Samsung is hard to beat” lines and so will just buy another Samsung.

So fucking frustrating!!!

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