30 Years Old!! 🤯

I’m so happy right now. Seller on Discogs.com did not let me down. This precious and increasingly rare CD single still had the shrink wrap on. Now of course, it isn’t exactly hard to re-shrink something. But when I checked the CD it was absolutely flawless.

Purists of course would be wondering why I didn’t get the vinyl, and of course the 12″ would be a lovely item to have – especially for the big Prince picture. But I don’t have a record player that I use day to day. I own one, but it’s a special one designed to allow you to rip vinyl to mp3, and it resides in my loft. Besides which, being 1990 this was recorded digitally – so why not get the format best suited to that.

The slight irony is that I don’t like the actual song “New Power Generation” at all, but all the remixes of it, which Prince turned into actual songs, some using the arrangement of “New Power Generation”, at the same speed or slowed down, with bits added and bits taken away, I LOVE.

The last time I had this little collection, which has not subsequently appeared on any official compilation at all, it was on tape, and I always intended to buy the CD Maxi-Single from a shop but never got around to it. This is the power of internet – more specially Discogs.com, which I 100% recommend. Put it this way, this CD single in Mint condition cost me just over £18, including postage. The least I could find this for on ebay in the same stated condition was £45, and I don’t know if that even included postage.

Brilliant find.

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