Ohhhh fuck yes!!

A lot (not all) suckers click straight on all those ‘tech bloggers’ for information about it. Go ahead – they care nothing about why ASUS make the most interesting phones on the planet right now. They just want your views, and your clicks, and next month they’ll move on to the next thing.

I searched for the official livestream launch of this, but unfortunately it was in ASUS’ native Mandarin Chinese. It was interesting to listen to Jonney Shih not talking in his usual quirky English. I would have watched it all, but there was no option for subtitles coming up. Gutted.

So then I searched a bit more and found the above beauty. And my god the black/blue option looks simply stunning! It is a fair bit (when every mm counts) bigger than my Zenfone 6 Edition 30. Not ROG Phone huge, but a fair bit. I can only put this down to the extra lens now in the Flip Camera, and them having to accommodate this, because most of the other specs are the same as the Zenfone 6/Edition 30. I’m a little disappointed on 2 fronts:

  1. ASUS caved to the endless 15 year olds on forums, along with ‘tech journalists’ who aren’t even interested in buying their phones, banging on and on and on about AMOLED screens. Some fucking muppets even said that if it was an LCD they wouldn’t buy it. You.Know.Nothing.
  2. The Zenfone 7 Pro appears to max out at 8GB ram. I’m hoping the fact it has a 865+ will compensate a bit for that, but my god, 12GB is insane, and it was back in Autumn 2019 – when virtually no one else was putting it in their phones.

What a big fucking surprise here – all the ‘definitely reliable cos we say they are’ leakers were wrong. They’ve now scuttled off somewhere to lay for a while – phones straight to answer, e-mails all bouncing.

Still waiting on a release date…..

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