Zenfone 7 (maybe) seen!!

ASUS has a long history now of fucktoid “leakers” who turn out to be completely wrong with their ‘photos of the device’, then they scuttle off once the real phone comes out and are never heard from again (if they had any sense of dignity and self-awareness, of course).

Whilst these new shots look fairly realistic, I’ll take them with the usual requisite large pinch of salty goodness. Just going from the laughable history of ASUS “leaks”.

But one thing that is definitely real are the comments already whining about an LCD screen. Meanwhile person who does know a bit about tech over here (yes, me) is fucking jumping up and down in excitement!! A LONG lasting screen plus a working fingerprint scanner…..?! FUCKING FUCK YES, ASUS!!!! You’ve just knocked it out the park again. In-screen fingerprint readers are a fucking joke. If you don’t want to admit that they are, you go get a job working as a “tech journalist” with your little press pass, and take that unquestioning worship of AMOLED screens with you, you little fucking doe-eyed muppet.

The only caveat to this being on my radar is any lack of SD card – something which ASUS have steadfastly always provided in phones alongside many a competitor that hasn’t. It’s a critical buying decider for me. Sure, if you want all manner of unhindered access to your private photos, you go put everything in the cloud. Like entrusting anything important to you on your PC to the cloud, it’s an equally bad idea to do it with a phone.

I have to wait until apparently Wednesday to finally hear all the things I want to hear.

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