Aldi and Tesco set for another scrap over Price Match campaign | News | The Grocer

This is quite old but no less timely. I found it very interesting.

Obviously I want Tesco to win out – they deserve it as it’s them that puts the effort into their own-brand products. Aldi aren’t remotely interested in quality – they’re solely interested in shifting as many cheap and nasty packs of shite out the door as fast and as voluminously as possible.

I also noted Aldi were had up by the ASA in 2019 – for doing something that they essentially STILL DO TODAY! They’ve just slightly rephrased their misleading adverts to appease the ruling. But you’re still led to believe that “Aldi is much cheaper than Tesco – when you buy vile Aldi own-brand products instead of branded products at Tesco” (they keep the latter part of that in the small print they hope people never read). Christ, who doesn’t know that?! Here’s my honest ad slogan: If you buy Aldi own-brand versus Tesco own-brand, they will be only a little bit cheaper altogether, but the Aldi stuff will taste fucking disgusting. Admittedly the f-word may not make the final cut, but hey it’s pure honesty! Isn’t that what this world needs more of…?

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