It’s Trump Derangement Syndrome (if you’re part of the Cult of Donald – just keep on repeating this)

It really doesn’t matter how is arrested, or what they do or are supposed to have done – the latest is Stephen Bannon – all the Cult of Donald members will shriek back is “IT’S TDS!!!! THEY’VE WANTED TO GET RID OF TRUMP SINCE DAY ONE!!!!”.

It’s interesting being SO FUCKED in the head that you are now unable to be objective about it. No one is guilty of anything, they’re all of great character, or perhaps even worse, “I don’t care how bad they are, they’re getting stuff done” (though precisely what, is never really made clear, nor overly amounts to anything of substance when you dig a little deeper than the rhetoric).

I happen to think this arrest also won’t make a blind bit of difference. No matter how many people get arrested and how it’s reported or who reports it, it’s just instantly dismissed by the Cult of Donald. The rest of us just roll our eyes knowing this, and their desperate belief that everything is all lies – or else just their calm, conditioned, unthinking belief. Ironic, considering they’re the ones constantly trying to tell everyone else that mainstream media is “brainwashing everyone”….

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5 thoughts on “It’s Trump Derangement Syndrome (if you’re part of the Cult of Donald – just keep on repeating this)

  1. To play devil’s advocate here, Trump Derangement Syndrome does seem to exist, but it’s usually reserved for those that HATE (think Hollywood celebrities level of) Trump. Mr. Mark Hamill unfortunately suffers from it., if you ever looked through his Twitter timeline. I’m not denying the fact that there are people out there that do worship the man, though, just like there are people who think Obama was the best President ever.


    1. I’m not sure there as ever a cult mentality though, so there isn’t any comparison. For example Obama never constantly bleated “FAKE NEWS MEDIA!!!” on repeat like a basic adult, in order to suggest that it’s only him you should believe or come to for the facts. So I don’t think there’s a devil’s advocate at play there šŸ˜›


      1. No, he didn’t. But there are people think he’s the best President simply because he was black.
        The news networks are the main drivers behind these narratives. CNN and MSNBC think he’s the devil incarnate and Fox think he’s..well, not God, but they’re definitely pro Trump. What’s her face from MSNBC practically announced the world was ending when he was declared the winner.
        Rachel Maddow. That’s her name.
        There really is no good choice this election cycle. It’s the same as the last three, you’re not voting for the best candidate, you’re voting for the least terrible. I do think Biden will probably win. There are many people who would rather vote for a party no matter whether the candidate is a good choice or nor just because they don’t want the other party.


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