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Fact of the Day:

Actually it’s a reminder. There are people, and groups out there, with an active interest in ensuring that black/white/whatever else remain divided both in thought and deed, because their entire livelihood depends on these people being divided. And these people are in fact the very ones constantly shrieking the loudest that “Black lives matter!!!!” and that we need more representation in this and that.

These people write books, do the news channels and talk show circuits, and give their speeches, building a huge narrative around all white people being racist, and that if they try to tell them they’re not racist that’s only because they don’t realise they’re racist. It’s a bit like telling heterosexuals they’re homophobic, but they just don’t know they’re homophobic. And the harder you try to protest that you’re not homophobic, the more they’d tell you that just proves you’re homophobic. Yes it’s a fairly childish concept, but it’s actually fooling an awful lot of normally intelligent people, because, of course, the people they’re duping don’t wish to be seen as racist.

Racist people who are racist do genuinely exist. I don’t personally know any of them, and I’m glad I don’t, but they’re a tiny, weird, marginal lot. There are an awful lot of people out there who will never encounter a single one of these racist people in their entire lifetime. That would tend to be because………well shock time: they’re a tiny minority.

So by logical thinking then, you might be able to grasp by now that the vast, vast (have you checked the human population lately – jesus) population, are NOT racist, and do not give a shit what skin tone you happen to have – because it’s not really a particularly fascinating feature, and irrelevant when it comes down to character in an individual.

But imagine if everyone still knew that fact. Don’t ask me to pinpoint when people stopped knowing it, because it’s quite hard to pin down. But, if they did still know it, these people insisting that “everyone white is racist. End of”, would not be called back to the news channels. They wouldn’t be booked in to their echo chamber ‘think tanks’ to do their speeches, and they couldn’t write those books reminding white people how permanently awful they all are, for all eternity (unless of course you shut up and accept everything they’re saying – in which case you shall be tolerated).

So think hard, white people, and come up with some way that you’re racist. Because these people’s income depends on division!

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