The Guardian talks to the author of “I Couldn’t Think Of A Half Decent Title At All So I Just Used A Sentence Instead”

What contrite, woke questions they are there. Big surprise they keep on forgetting to insert the word “criminal” before George Floyd.

This is interesting because often when Edward Colston is mentioned, like here in the New York Times, they can’t just say “Edward Colston”. Oh no, they have to say “slave trader Edward Colston”. Yes nevermind all the philanthropy that Edward did. Nevermind the fact that black students of Bristol University probably benefitted a long way down the line from the money he gave to the city, NO, we don’t care, cos slavery.

Career criminal George Floyd on the other hand, oh no, he was just KILLED BY DA POLICE FO’ NO REASON!!!!! COS RACISM!!! Yes that’s right, because of course, police just go around apprehending people for no reason. And you know this is true because I just typed it.

But back to this idiot. I do love how she starts off telling of how she heard about her book topping the book charts…sorry “making history” (I feel queasy)..You see she was on her way back from B&Q (run by da evil white cracka Graham Bell), and heard through WhatsApp (run as anyone should know by da evil white android cracka Mark Zuckerberg – if you don’t know you can fucking well Google that one you ignorant shit).

But NO, she’s not having anything to DO with us evil white crackas, GOT IT?!!!

I was almost about to give kudos to The Guardian for actually putting to her the point I did actually make quite some time ago, that do you think all the protesters are out in such numbers because they have nothing else to do all day. I wouldn’t have let that one go, but hello, this is The Guardian we’re talking about, and they let her off the hook entirely when she expressed “distress” that it took the pandemic for “racism to be legitimised”….uumm…..not entirely sure where you’re going with that one, love, but you’re still talking out your arse and I personally would have been a little tiny bit tougher.

She then harps on about some white authors choosing not to “participate” in some Twitter hashtag called #WhatPublishingPaidMe. Naturally, of all the white authors who chose not to participate she scoffs that “that tells you all you need to know”….HUH….HUH…….Yeah it might equally tell you deary that perhaps a) they considered it none of anyone’s fucking business what publishing paid them and b) they consider being an author a job of writing books, not trying to divide races (again). Just a thought.

Then blah blah whine whine poor lickle black people we must push da evil white crackas out rah rah rah. I wonder if she considers this reverse racism helpful to her cause in any way? Sorry shall we ensure, for example, that in a room full of white candidates, and 1 black person, that all the white candidates are passed over “cos racism”? Or “just in case cos racism”?? How, exactly do you want this to play out?? If you really are a minority, and you want more of you in everything, then you’re asking for special treatment. There’s no 2 ways about it. Because statistically, how are you claiming it’s about “equality” if you’re the minority? No one’s going around saying “there really needs to be more white people in positions of power in Ghana”…are they….? Sorry who is really the racist here…? I mean sure write your books bleating that you’re some sort of eternal victim. We normies will just carry on not judging people by the colour of their skin and just trying to get by in life, if that’s alright with you.

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