Power is knowledge

This is why you write for The Guardian..

“Battery life was also good for a relatively small and light phone”?? What does that even MEAN??!?!

Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s about as specific as a Tory rape story. For fuck sake you don’t even know what the fucking capacity IS – that much is obvious. So you have to blurt out some vague guff about battery life being “good”. Good compared to WHAT??

You’re fucking useless. A capacity is all that’s needed in any phone review to allow actual phone users like me to be able to either have my interest piqued or just dismiss it out of hand if it’s just another 3800mAh effort. Either way maybe do some research you fucking useless cretin. THEN write up your “I’m being really useful here. My review is gonna help people decide” piece.


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