Actually I’ve changed my mind about Zavvi.

They can fuck off altogether.

It’s a great pity, they sell all sorts of lovely things, from special edition 4K box sets, to albums, to t-shirts, to toys, to games. All sorts. But since they now force you to pay for delivery on top of ANYTHING : no. Fuck off with that. How come struggling HMV (who aren’t really even HMV anymore and will be teetering on the cliff-edge if it turns out this Canadian record shop owner doesn’t actually know what he’s doing after all) can give you free postage when you spend £20 or more?? Imagine if you’d spent £880 on something on Zavvi – you’d have the right to feel a little bit entitled to free postage on that..!!

Honestly I think they’re slowly killing their business with a stupid “pay us money every month to get free postage”. They aren’t a diverse enough business (if you’re too young to remember, Zavvi are a rebrand of Virgin Megastores – so are competing with the niche market alongside HMV) to justify the monthly fee because most of their usual customers won’t be buying stuff there every month, so paying out money for absolutely nothing doesn’t quite feel like a great deal here.

But hey ho, I’m going to leave them to it. But I’m still sad because they still have a lot going for them in terms of pricing and variety. But when you’re parting with your hard earned cash for a £49.99 Collector’s Edition 4K release, the LEAST you should be able to expect with that would be free delivery.

Good luck with that one, Zavvi. Hopefully you’ll get a new boss with a bit more of a market savvi* head on his or her shoulders. You’re sure gonna need it – it’s the small things that really matter.

*did you see what I did there..

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