This is now free through the Epic Games launcher..

Honestly, I cannot imagine being a sane human in 2020 who is willing to pay real money for this shit. And I equally cannot imagine downloading this shit for free. Okay the sounds are good. How about you um….make an audiobook with those skills. I love how the trailer is in “HD”….

Oh and there is also this being given away this week:

Presumably for people who’ve never seen the first “Doom” game, nor the much later “Gothic” series. Which, you know, you’d have to be that SPECIAL kind of “gamer” to have seen neither, and actually LIKE this hideous insult to my eyeballs.

Look, I’m SORRY that you missed out the first time round. “Barony” even looks like they made close to proper graphics and then reworked them to appear more blocky. And that’s what makes these games so utterly soulless. Because you’re doing it not because this is all you have at your technological disposal to make a game with, but because you’re aiming to be “all whacky and retro here!!”. That was clearly your starting point, wasn’t it. You SET OUT to use shit, blocky graphics. Back in the days when games that looked like these were originally made, they set out to make a great story, characters and playability with what they had. Not something they had to almost reverse engineer to look like shit, in the 21st Century.

And that’s why these games have no appeal to me whatsoever. “Oh but..but..I’m only 20, I wasn’t born when the original games were out!! So I wanna play them now!!” Really??!! You actually think that’s a point? So how come you’re not tracking down a VHS player and finding all your films on VHS then? “Oh cos we’ve moved on now!!” EXACTLY!!!

I should add that I am NOT lumping in people trying to get the games that were released 20 years ago to run in 2020 in with this one. I’ve nothing against that. But a game made in 2018 that looks like it was made 20 years earlier is first and foremost a GIMMICK. And that’s not where a good games developer heart is at.

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