Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google face claims of ‘harmful’ power

Watched some of this on the news. Aside from the time wasteful shit with Congress people shouting at eachother to “PUT ON YOUR MASK!!” it was riveting. I will look up a playback of it this weekend.

From what I did see, you do wonder how the people at the very top managed to get by in the early days, when they’re simply incapable of answering straight “yes” or “no” questions. When asked a question that ended in “yes or no” they merely tried to spout their marketing spiel which only served to remind us why we fucking loathe these insanely wealthy people who talk such guff and just get away with it.

And although the questions were definitely hitting nails on heads, you do tend to wonder how watered down any ‘action’ will ever be when likely half those politicians have piles of shares in these companies or at the very least have healthy donations thrown their way. 🙄

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