45 Celebrities Explain Why They Went Vegan


Now show me how many of them said, without sarcasm: “mmmm the vegan stuff is just so much more tasty!”….

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2 thoughts on “45 Celebrities Explain Why They Went Vegan

  1. Many of them read the same book which I’m sure doesn’t have any bias AT ALL 🙄. Oh, and I love this quote by one of the Rooney girls: “…bodies are not meant to digest animal products…” Really? So why do we have canine teeth? Why did our ancestors hunt animals? And the very first person who said her doctor told her if she doesn’t stop eating meat she’ll get cancer. That’s not how cancer works. If it were, EVERYONE WOULD HAVE IT.
    Must be nice to live in a bubble and have enough money to afford to a personal chef who can prepare your extremely limited–and likely expensive–diet

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    1. Haha yeah, OMNIVORES is what these dappy idiots cannot accept we evolved as. They hurtle into deep denial over the scientific facts on that one. I’ve tried just about every milk alternative in tea – they’re all fucking crap compared to actual milk. That’s just one example of many.

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