Okay here’s hoping the Precious Rocks, Gems and Minerals Issue 2 I’ve just ordered IS the current run of them, and not the previous run. If it’s the current run then I’m totally sorted for sticker sheet replacements for my first round of rocks. I was stupid enough to think, when I started my rock collection from National Geographic, “oh I’ll just enjoy the fancy rocks I don’t need to know what they’re called – it’s obvious which they are!”. It slowly became apparent that no it is NOT obvious which they are. A few, yes, they can’t ever be mistaken, like the Black Onyx for example. But some of them are so varied it’s pot luck what yours will look like versus the photo on the magazine. FUCK!!!!

I’ve also ordered up another box that contains the Black Onyx, to get another sheet of stickers, which should fill in all my gaps, hopefully. Then once those all turn up I will finally be able to clear all the magazines and rocks off my floor – because I basically do not want to separate them until I’ve labelled them now. Some are almost impossible to identify if you were to just look at them.

I’ve loved the collection. Some of my specimens aren’t great, but some are amazing. This one is a fairly low cost subscription compared to the bit part model ones.

I also found someone on ebay selling 4 official Build Your Own R2D2 binders. You have to use the official ones if you want to file all your magazines, because they’ve made it nice and awkward and they use a weird peg system to file them. DeAgostini are selling these for £7.99 each – but the seller was only asking £20 for all 4 plus £7 postage. BUT it just so happened that when using the clunky ebay app, up popped a random £10 off a £20 or more spend. RESULT!! So got all those coming for £17. I’m very happy with that.

I’ve already filed 20 of them away in my original binder I got with the magazine. DeAgostini did send me another one but it was by mistake. They sent me an e-mail asking for it to either be returned to them or paid for. I did neither, but I’ve since misplaced that second binder which is really annoying. But since there are 100 magazines, when these 4 come that’s another 20 issues per binder, I’ll have those cleared off my floor as well! We definitely progress!

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