Balancing Hate

Coca-Cola have also withdrawn advertising from social media which on the one hand is fucking hilarious and great news that will genuinely hurt the gluttonous, faceless and utterly unaccountable corporate tossers that run Facebook and Twitter (unless you really want to count an android called The Mark Zuckerberg as ‘the face’ of Facebook – let’s be real that thing isn’t a human being though).

But while I did spot the word “polarisation” used by one article, as the reasoning, which is good, because BOTH sides can be full of shit, it still appears that it’s always the pooooor lickle LGBTQ Mob that claim the moral high ground and own the copyright on self-righteousness. It’s only ever them that gets to cite, and tell you what is “hate” and “hateful”. It’s only their conversation that is allowed to continue. And god help you if you don’t agree with that – I’ve seen them relentlessly and spitefully (one could accurately say “hatefully”) going after EVERYONE on Twitter who doesn’t agree with them. And not with just the odd 1, 2 Tweets, nope, a good many times it’s all week or longer.

I’ve seen some of the most vile words coming from their camp. Oh I’m sure there genuinely ARE those who actively spew hatred towards gay people. I’ve just never actually seen it around. The only hate and vitriol I ever witnessed on Twitter was coming from the LGBTQ Mob and it was pretty much UNCHECKED. No warnings, no suspensions, no nothing. Nope, you lot just carry on wishing people dead, routinely calling complete strangers that you know nothing about “stupid”, “a bigot”, “cunt”, the list was endless. Nothing done. That was alright, because they could never be hateful – and that must be true, mustn’t it, because you know, they have those “#Kindness #Inclusive” on their little ‘Twitter bio’, so they’re the kindest, most loveliest people ever, right?

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