Tea, Biscuits, and Empire: The Long Con of Britishness — (the other con being that this article is in any way accurate other than to the woke left and “Black Lives Matter”)

The soft-focus Britain of Downton Abbey bears little resemblance to the real Britain collapsing under the weight of racism, austerity, and COVID-19. As Brexit plods on, it’s time for an honest reckoning of the history and future of this outsize little island.

Tea, Biscuits, and Empire: The Long Con of Britishness — Longreads

“Collapsing under the weight of racism”…ohhh fucking dear. Rather it’s collapsing under the cloth-eared woke mob who will constantly try to shriek at people that everything is racist, including stuff that clearly is not racist, thus totally neutralising the definition and impact via the current trend to try and insert it into every available narrative.

Also, of course, has to harp on about colonialism – but oops – conveniently omits completely all the times the UK was colonised by the likes of Italy, Scandinavia and France…cos “oh, no, colonialism is bad but….England can just suck it up” (apparently there is an unmentioned time limit on a “colonialism bad, ya’ll” mantra – and all those older colonialist artworks and statues, no no, those don’t need to be pulled down – we were just talking about black people being colonised – never happened to anyone else – and silence if you think it ever did, racist).

Leading me on to this daft bint claiming the current fad of criminal damage to sculptures is a sign of “hope”. Of course, she never tells anyone precisely why it’s good idea, nor exactly what it will achieve in the end. Well hey, who needs to explain that one – just get rid of stuff we call bad! YEAH!!! My, how incredibly intellectual that argument is….

Also, of course, completely fails to mention the fact that all the ring leaders of said criminal damage to figures in history were white. No that one’s a bit inconvenient isn’t it – let’s just call them “Black Lives Matter protesters” – it saves us having to ponder what exact lived experience of anti-black racism a white person could have had.

Then there’s the surreal assertion that anyone daring to like the Royal family of the UK would have some sort of seizure at the thought of black soldiers fighting in the trenches alongside us. Something which in itself is patronising, and offensive.

Running through the entire article though is the big deal made about dropping the U’s from the American spelling of words – thinking she’s being all English – then constantly spelling all the other words like “realised” as “realized”. Fucking dope.

I’m growing increasingly weary of contrite fucking bozos such as this trying to make me feel ashamed every fucking day to be English. I AM NOT. And sorry to break it to you but yes I AM aware of our colonialist past (worked out great after we gave up Hong Kong, there, didn’t it – not to mention Pakistan and India constantly on the brink of nuking each other…), though I’m also aware, seemingly UNlike these cretins, of the fact that the UK has been colonised – several times over. Of course, that fact is a little bit inconvenient. There’s no such thing as “pure English” (you’ll find that a common trope of actual racists, as opposed to all those with common sense that you just love to accuse of being racist because you refuse to listen to any opposing argument to your righteousness) – I’m big enough and ugly enough to actually see that.

It doesn’t happen any more. We all KNOW it happened – we get fucking taught it at school – and thus, it’s not going to happen again except oh, wait, young Vietnamese women and men are right now being trafficked across to the UK to work in nail bars, and Eastern European women and girls are being trafficked across Europe to work in modern slavery – housemaids, nail bars (to name BUT TWO well documented instances), and YOU COULD BE ALERTING MORE PEOPLE WHO DON’T KNOW ABOUT THIS, and who ARE NOT getting taught about this in schools, but no, ohhh no, let’s talk about bad stuff that doesn’t actually happen anymore, cos it makes us sound soooo virtuous.

Slavery of Africans was bad….err…….sorry name me ONE single fucking person alive today who does NOT think that….?? The fact you can’t does tend to mean all of this is nothing but virtue signalling. If it wasn’t, why aren’t you constantly going around in t-shirts with, say, “Full frontal lobotomies of people in mental institutions was bad!!” written on the front? WE ALL FUCKING REALISE THAT IT WAS IN 2020. Honestly, is it all just a stunning coincidence that hindsight is as 2020 as the year I’m typing this…?

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