Opinion: Mark Smith: Staff are refusing to work on JK Rowling’s new book because of her trans comments. Good on them | HeraldScotland


Another misguided spin on reality by someone at The Herald (it is noted that the opinion expressed is not necessarily that of The Herald – kudos for that heads up so I need to remind anyone reading my blog of this).

YET AGAIN we see that Joanne Rowling is having her opinions dismissed and skewed. No, she wasn’t EVER expressing “her opinions on trans rights”. She was expressing the opinion that cancelling women isn’t great in her view. Oh but of course they wanted to twist that into some shat about “trans rights” or even more clueless and ignorant: “anti-trans”.

This idiot makes the comparison between the fucking MORONS refusing to work at her publishers with their time expressing the same distain working on a newspaper that was wanting to keep Section 28.

That isn’t a comparison at ALL. We are and always were talking about her OPINIONS, and the utter, vile, spiteful determination of the Alphabet ‘community’ to shut down anyone who has different opinions. The writer was referring to an underhand campaign to keep A LAW in place. Sorry can you name me any law that Joanne is trying to keep in place in some underhand way? Oh I see that you can’t. So your comparison is null and void.

As for the staff refusing to work ‘cos feels’. Get a fucking grip, do your jobs, and stop going blindly along like fucking zombies with these hate-filled bigots who want to cancel every last fucking person who doesn’t automatically agree with everything in their mantra.

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