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Sony’s latest beast does look good. It does finally return to front facing speakers (although you just know that involves doubling up the earpiece as another speaker – earlier Xperia flagships did not need to use this incredibly limp solution), it does have a headphone socket again, it does have the most mind-blowing camera capability they’ve done yet.

But it still only has a 4000mAh battery, and it still has a weird, elongated form factor.

I have a 5000mAh battery. I know just how practical that is, and I do not want to go backwards to a drop of 1000mAh. It has been said by Sony fans that it doesn’t matter the batteries are smaller because ‘they’re Sony batteries’ and they last longer than larger batteries in other phones. That’s not really a risk I’d be willing to take when the phone is just over £1000 (contract phones are the preserve of suckers – always buy outright).

Add to this the fact that Sony have this really annoying habit these days of removing half their own built-in apps!! I’m still not over them removing TrackID. I used to use that all the time when I was in shops! Then they removed the fucking Sound Recorder app!! Why wouldn’t you want a sound recording app built into your phone?!!

Asus may well not have their own song recognition app, but they certainly do still maintain their own sound recording app, right now in 2020. I like to use it to record bird song at dawn – if you’ve never done that you would be AMAZED at just how much that app can pick up, and how clearly.

So all in all, I’m just sat around waiting for the Zenfone 7 here – and the ROG Phone III. I honestly believe, if Asus reduced the battery size from the epic 5000mAh, they’d suffer for it. I’m not even going to suggest that they increase it – just stick to it! When you start dropping in specs in the next model on, you start looking like you’re all over the place – as Sony definitely has been with their phones, in my opinion, ever since they ended the Xperia Z line. I also don’t want a fucking tablet for a phone (looking at you, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra). I still need something that’s going to fit in a jacket pocket – that’s why I carry a “phone” around and not carry a “tablet” around.

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