Predictable Twitter is predictable

I’ve just watched both presenters of Tokio Myers interrupt him gently, as, you know, the interview time is never limitless (apologies for those who expect special treatment). He then whined that “you cut me off”. Then Charlie (da evil white benefitter of da slave trade) asked him if current events have influenced his music. He then proceeded to finish his point he was making previously (which we’d actually got thanks even though he was interrupted before the end of it). Then Naga interrupted him again as they had totally run out of time. This was clearly true – because just a few seconds later they said goodbye and the programme ended.

Now wait for the shrieking on Twitter: “Tokio Myers SHUT DOWN by white presenter. Why is this not a surprise. #BlackLivesMatter”, etc etc.


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3 thoughts on “Predictable Twitter is predictable

  1. I’ve honestly have had enough of the BLM “movement” frankly, as that only brought up more hatred under the guise of justice. Who else, I wonder, out of the “normal folks”, has had enough of it all – oh wait, “DATZ WAYCYST” apparently. 🙄

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    1. Does anyone with a brain cell honestly believe that a global lockdown, combined with millions currently not at work, and them all having ‘had enough of da racism’ and going marching, sitting around or smashing things up is a total coincidence..? 🤔

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      1. You’d be surprised to see that some folks would think that it’s just a coincidence. As George Carlin would say: never underestimate the power of stupid in large numbers 😦


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