SJW’s in 2020: “Now you must not insult Nazis”.

New levels of snowflakery.

For fuck sake you fuckwits are totally uneducated. This is the result of schools closing and everyone out of work. Please sign up for a basic education online.

This better not affect my purchase just 2 days ago of the entire series!!

GMB today, 2 of the presenters, no less, casually mentioned there were 10 episodes.

There were 12, you fucking idiots. Woke media doesn’t even know the basics that millions, upon millions, of normal people know. 🙄

Presume that where people were watching this on a paid streaming service, they will be refunded the equivalent value of the “removed cos feelings” episode…?

I sense this one incoming on Channel 4 News tonight. They won’t question how pathetic it is, of course. They’ll probably call it “the no longer appropriate scene in Fawlty Towers”. Appropriate for WHAT??

It’s.A.Fucking.Comedy. You remember? Comedy? That thing you go “ha ha” at if you find it funny? If not, you just watch something else that does, you don’t sit there analysing it like it’s a social commentary?

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