And by the time it took to brew my cuppa: it was all over.

Well here it is!! I waited until my shift was over until I could sit and relax and watch the reveal on my 27″ monitor, and hmmm….was it worth the wait?


I think it looks really sleek. I can see what they did with the V number. And best of all: The Daily Express can now stop fucking uploading a different incorrect “leaked” CGI mock-up of it every other fucking DAY!! (you think I’m exaggerating, don’t you. If only I’d screenshot them all!).

I’m not sure what I think about being forced to have the glacier white option. Maybe they’ll announce it’s going to be black too…? Maybe not, but I really love a shiny piano black the best – it’s what my Battlefront II Special Edition PS4 Pro is.

Sony can’t have been very happy at having to do this without an audience. I cannot imagine in my wildest, that Sony don’t get the same buzz from unveiling their latest PlayStation to the crowd as the audience gathered. And I’ve had personal experience of a Sony hosted game “unveiling” (GT Sport) – they’re very generous indeed! They know how to host an event, trust me, and it’s so sad that they couldn’t do – not least for something so critical and so massive as this. I don’t use that term in the usual throwaway sense most have come to these days, it IS massive – this has taken them years of ultra-secrecy (surprise surprise – ALL the smug “leaks” were fucking horseshit – also someone go seek out all those smug cunts who duped all the various sites – they’ve all gone to ground, the little cockroaches) not to mention god knows how much money. In 2020, year of such futuristic evocation, this one really matters.

You will find me standing in a socially distanced (?) line at midnight, hopefully at Tesco. I’ll be standing there looking like a paedo with all the 15 year olds talking at 7x the normal speaking volume to one another. Yeah I don’t give a fuck!!!! No sense of shame is going to stop me going home that night with my shiny piece of Sony goodness!!!*

*firmware updates to make it work properly to follow about a week later 😂

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