It’s all over now, world

Racism fixed!!

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14 thoughts on “It’s all over now, world

    1. Nish Kumar though, who routinely bashes white people, no THAT’S okay, teehee those silly white people with their funny white skin – give that man a prime time BBC slot! That’s most progressive. I’m just unsure quite what not watching a work of fiction is actually going to achieve. If you’re racist, you’re racist. If you’re not racist – you’re not racist. I really cannot get my brain around what a show is going to do. Do black people just assume us silly white people are so fucking dim we’re going to suddenly change our views after watching a fucking comedy show?

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      1. By “rioter/hooligan/terrorist” logic, yeah, it is their logic that tearing down statues is going to make the world become utopic, but the opposite is true.

        I hate to say this, but as much as I understand the few folks who don’t agree with what the folks of the yesteryear have done (in statue form), to tear them down and cause more damage than good only lead to further societal decay (as I have said repeatedly), and frankly, I don’t give a flying fuckstick as to whether people say “hurr durr, pot kallin duh kehtul blak”: the truth of the matter is that people are vandalizing shit under the guise of “truth and justice” and have turned what was supposed to be an event about wanting to end injustices into a riot that folks have forgotten what the riots were supposed to be about..

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      2. The one thing I’ve noticed about the videos when they rip down the sculptures (a.k.a. someone’s artwork) is that most of the people at the helm are white). All it would take is just 1 journalist to step in there and ask those white people “so, tell me about your lived experience of racism then” for the WORLD to see what utter dim witted fucktards these cretins are.

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      3. I’ve got shit for brains to the point that I forget things here and there. Sorry for my poor memory, but honestly, I’m thinking that they’re doing this to make native citizens feel unwelcome to the point that they perhaps want these people to not live stable lives, alongside creating wealth disparities between socio-economic classes, amongst other things like, dare I say it, cultural/historical deletion. Corporate policies and cheap foreign labour has exacerbated this issue as well, to the point that they’d rather hire legally underprotected immigrants, regardless of race/colour/creed, than legally shielded citizens, regardless of race/colour/creed, because companies can get away with paying lower salaries to underprotected folks (see: neoliberalism/savage capitalism).

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      4. Haha it’s cool. 😁 But yeah, that’s the companies doing that. I’m unsure why the news is trying to stoke fires. There’s nothing more cringe worthy than a white person speaking for black people.

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      5. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a hidden tag-team of corporations, governments, and the news press just aiming for the same goal at this point>

        Also, you’re damn right about “whites speaking for blacks” (in the context of BLM 2.0) being cringe beyond belief

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  1. Erase, altering, or rewriting history of not going to change the fact that it happened. They’re also reassessing the show Live PD to see if it will come back.
    This is all ridiculous. But, Jeremy from G&G made a good point. It’s an election year. This didn’t start until this year.


    1. Only time will tell if that theory actually pans out. But it’s NOT an election year here so that fails completely to explain why OUR media is going absolutely apeshit over history. And no, contrary to what some fucknut in a log cabin in South Carolina will tell you, our news is NOT “all owned by US corporations too”. 😏


      1. I haven’t heard that one. Many of our cable stations are owned by one conglomerate. Last night there were about 20 stations all showing a round table type thing hosted by Oprah. It concludes tonight. So there is some truth that their are monopolies


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