UK Social Justice “Slavery bad” Warriors on Wikipedia for the next few weeks

Since, you know, lockdown, and these muppets have fuck-all else to do – like something productive, and useful, for example…..

Furthermore, perhaps one of you fucknuts can enlighten me, just what exact DIFFERENCE does a statue standing around somewhere actually have on your life, day to day??

Are you having some sort of mental breakdown every time you think of Cecil Rhodes…? Half of you dappy idiots don’t even know who he IS, DO you….

This fact kind of underlines the utter stupidity of what these people are doing. And comparing it to the toppling of the Saddam statue is utterly ridiculous. Correct me if I’m getting my facts wrong here, although I realise facts are terribly inconvenient for you a great deal of the time, but was Saddam Hussein around for 200 years….? He had those statues of himself installed…HIMSELF. Not by this thing called “common consent”. Yes yes, I do know “WELL NO DESCENDANT OF SLAVES ASKED FOR A STATUE OF CECIL RHODES TO GO UP!!!!!!!!!!“. Nnno, and equally I didn’t get asked if I wanted a statue of the somewhat overrated drugged up alco Amy Winehouse to go up in Camden but it’s there.

These are fucking ARTWORK in many cases. Fine, intricate artwork from a very long time ago. Do sculptor’s lives matter to you….? And where exactly are you planning to draw the line here? Because sorry to break this to you here but the UK was being colonised WAY before Africa was by the UK. Ah yes that little Roman invasion in 55BC. I don’t see you calling for famous Italian statues to be torn down…? Sorry, when was your planned demonstration outside of the Italian Embassy in London, again…? Cos you know, I think us poor colonised Englanders need a little reparation here. Ohh….oh, sorry you don’t know anyone directly affected by what happened in 55BC?? Well GUESS WHAT – I don’t know anyone affected by slavery 200 years ago!!

So where exactly are you planning on drawing your line here with your “every part of history I don’t like is to be destroyed” mantra?? Just so, you know, we’re all aware of the time limits….

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