Many Memories, Much Mud

Fuck it, I’m going to get this DLC (that really should have been part of the base game). I’ll try and find a better price as I’m loathed to pay that much for DLC, not least as Dirt 5 is just a few months away.

But Colin’s Subaru is something really special to me. I have owned and played every single Codemasters rally game and started off with Colin McRae Rally – when he was still alive, of course. I have great memories of what at the time was a stunning game after the blocky, not altogether immersive stuff we’ve had before it. I always wanted to drive the blue Subaru in the game.

I’ve even SEEN that very Subaru that Colin drove!! And here’s the proof:

That was at one of the last London Motor Shows – 2015, at the Excel Centre, London. I think the sign said it had been restored, which was a bit of a downer to me, I wanted to see it scrapes, bashes and all. But it did, of course, make me very happy that it’s being looked after by someone and still cared for. Are you jealous, Abzhuofficial. ☺️

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I'm a gamer. I'm a coaster. I am happy in general. We're all born by chance and we're all gonna die. That makes me no better or worse than you. Get over that fact and we'll probably get along. I comment on the Google news feed a lot. Oh, and I swear quite a lot.

14 thoughts on “Many Memories, Much Mud

  1. “Are you jealous, abzhuofficial. ☺️”

    Hahaha, you cheeky cocktease, you!

    Cheeky remarks aside, I’m glad you’ve got to see this for yourself man. Great memories right there, when the WRC/rallying was the hot dirty romantic mess back in the ’90s. That reminds me: do you remember Richard Burns, the rally driver that died from brain cancer?

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      1. LOL that is how hard as nails the game is alright. You try and approach that game like Sega Rally, and you’ll end up in a ditch faster than Colin McRae calls Nicky Grist, a “short bastard”.

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      2. The earlier Colin McRae Rally titles were too arcadey so it’s no surprise you ended with your car being scrap metal. I did that too with DiRT Rally, and WRC 8, and I was dead


      3. WRC 8 I finally bought a couple of weeks back. That does feel pretty brutal from my early impressions. 😅 I love how they look now though it’s almost like watching a video of it. I still want to get to VRally 4 too again – I’m loving that as much as I thought I would.

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      4. I had bad first impressions of V-Rally 4 as I’d thought that it’d be as arcadey as its predecessors, but since playing WRC 8, I eventually loved WRC 8, even though it was had as nails, and I remember V-Rally 4 being very smiliar to that gameplay-wise to the point that I completely misunderstood what V-Rally 4 was going for, due to its arcade-like origins (branding/marketing issues basically, as when you normally think “V-Rally”, you think “arcade cheese”)


      5. Maybe the team (and it apparently was the team that made 3) they just came back with a slight edge but I still really like it. Their tracks and vistas go on for miles! It’s quite a thing just to watch someone playing that on YouTube. Whenever I thought of V-Rally I always thought “firm but fair”.

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