Jeff Bezos ‘happy to lose’ customers over Black Lives Matter message | Fox Business

*insert slow hand clap*

Maybe instead of giving $10 million to these erroneous “organisations that are working to bring about social justice” (which invariably involves buying 300 cans of spray paint and some banners), how about taking a financial hit eliminating zero hours contracts, paying the correct corporate tax rate for the country that you operate in, and oh, you know I’m going to say it: not killing your own staff. Yeah Jeffrey – that might have a bit more long term worth than jumping aboard the current virtue signalling bandwagon to make out you’re ohhh so on-trend. Go fuck yourselves, Amazon.

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I'm a gamer. I'm a coaster. I am happy in general. We're all born by chance and we're all gonna die. That makes me no better or worse than you. Get over that fact and we'll probably get along. I comment on the Google news feed a lot. Oh, and I swear quite a lot.

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