John Barnes strikes fear in SJW’s

John has a base view on race that will resonate with anyone………who has basic common sense (so, not looking at you SJW’s). This is why racist fuckwits like Kelechi Okafor fear him. Because when he says stuff like that it doesn’t really matter much about whether black people are in positions of power (he pointed to Obama being president for “many years” and nothing much changing in terms of racist incidents), and his ultimate point: “it’s about changing people’s perceptions”, that undermines their whole attempts to keep people divided.

Where would their money for their woke talks and books come from if everyone’s perceptions were all the same? These are the people who are aiming to divide black/white/whatever, because their entire livelihood depends on the status quo. I’m not remotely fooled by their weasel words about “oh we just want equality!”. No you don’t, because equality would not allow you to demand money for standing there talking down to us all about how victimised you are. Or getting a platform for you to call any other black person whose thinking doesn’t line up with yours “internally racist”.

So yes John Barnes sends them into a frenzy and they’re scared – actively trying to shut him down and silence him on Twitter. Isn’t that “oppression of a black man”….?

I’ve only just seen John Barnes’ interview on this on Sky News so I’m struggling to find it. It might never be uploaded with the section I referred to included, but if it is I will insert the video in this post when it goes up, so you can hear him for yourself.

John Barnes – exposing the biggest racists on Twitter every day without even trying. 😎

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5 thoughts on “John Barnes strikes fear in SJW’s

  1. Yes. I agree with this. The SJWs like to feel guilty or oppressed, so they think everyone else should, too. They somehow got this idea about “white privilege” and “systemic racism” and “internal racism” are things when there is no idea about any of it. There are even some black people debunking them. The SJWs and leftists won’t listen to reason. Of course, there are extremists on the the right as well.

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