Well, that’s the knee-jerk reaction isn’t it…

I found this video and loaded it up to have a look after looking up stuff about the remastered version. My YouTube was scrolled down a bit so I couldn’t see who had uploaded that video. I just assumed it was the renegade development team – only to find it was EA themselves. Obviously they’re publishing it. Obviously their aim is to milk an already released game. But they wouldn’t have done all of this for free, and it looks like a LOT of love has been poured into this, with involvement from the fans themselves.

Maybe you’re one of those who along with the herd thinks EA should be made to “pay forever” for umm…..stuff. Yes they’ve made a lot of big mistakes, and yes they’re greedy. But this one is a massive fan favourite, and 100 single player missions in 2020 in a game that is designed to work on Windows 10? Name me a single other game you’re going to find that on….

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