“Any Historical Artwork We Don’t Like – Get Rid”

Well thanks for your wonderful contribution to the national debate, you fucking morons. A piece of historical artwork was ripped off a plinth today. Brilliant. Apparently criminal damage is a means to show how ‘virtuous’ you are.

So tell me, oh self-righteous twats: precisely what does that contribute in the fight against modern slavery? You know, that stuff that’s happening right now, in 2020. Oh, but no, I know those trafficked Vietnamese girls, shipped over in refrigerated containers, aren’t that hip or trendy, and won’t get your Tweet traction on Twitter. #StopNailBarSlavery doesn’t quite have that t-shirt-friendly ring to it, eh…

History happened. No one on earth thinks “ooh slavery was alright though!”. Destroying historical artwork changes nothing about the past or the future. So well done on achieving nothing in life there. Not that I would expect you morons to actually believe in anything you’re actually doing but hey – at least you got on the telly, eh?

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6 thoughts on ““Any Historical Artwork We Don’t Like – Get Rid”

  1. Two words came to my mind: Saddam Hussein

    Remember when a statue of him was pulled down, and Iraq, since then, were worsened? Yeah, this crap gives me the same vibe, and I don’t like that, as it smells “downward slippery slope”.


    1. Hmmmm statues of him weren’t a couple of hundred years old though 😛 But still, ANY artwork like that that’s been crafted should be preserved somewhere. Anywhere! Just not vandalised over the latest fashionable cause. Keeping these statues, which have usually been toiled over for months, is not saying “all the bad stuff they did and stood for was just fiiiiine”. But “REEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”

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      1. Exactly man, and the idiots who pull statues down are the sort that would screech about censorship while endorsing it at the same time like the hypocritical cockroaches that they are.


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