Black person cancels other black person for not feeling victimised enough

You can’t make the kind of shit the Twitterati come out with up – here it is in black and white (and a dash of corporate blue):

Yes, black people, Kele has SPOKEN on this matter. You ARE offended, you always WERE offended if you’re black and Leigh Francis (she’s so fucking clueless she actually thinks Keith Lemon is a real person) was doing a parody, and if you are black and NOT offended you are internally racist, and you need to check yo’self.

Craig obviously was um…forced at knife point to do this..or…something…

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8 thoughts on “Black person cancels other black person for not feeling victimised enough

    1. This bint really is something else. And naturally, when someone else also pointed out that him and Mel B are actually friends she had fuck all to say. Probably scowling at her Iphone. These morons don’t bother with this thing called research, nor do they bring any evidence. It’s all about blind fucking woke rhetoric. Who needs substance anyways….

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      1. Yep, and one wonders why these folks exist. If anything, these folks need to apologize for wrongly canceling/destroying every single person’s careers while kneeling down. Pathetic embryonic misadventures, the whole stinking lot of them

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      2. She’s much like that racist Asian woman is she not? How do these overtly racist weirdos get blue check marks??! You should deffo take a look through her twitter and flag up some gems to your followers. She’s a babbling brook of entertainment for us normies.

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  1. SJW’s are losing their minds. Another black man on Twitter made a sensible, anti-black lives matter post, and they of course decided to explain to him what Black Lives Matter actually means. Most of them were young white kids, of course.

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