Man banned from Aldi for refusing to use a trolley or basket – Wales Online

What a fucking bell-end (the Aldi manager, obviously). Top marks to that man for being so persistent.

Reminds me of the manager at Asda in Farnborough. I e-mailed Asda to tell them the manager had closed the customer toilets after 9pm, and asked what were elderly customers supposed to do, seeing as you do actually get elderly customers in a supermarket after 9pm, and the nearest alternative public toilet left open at that time was a long walk away across a busy dual carriageway.

They called me to tell me that they would be telling him to open the toilets after 9 (it was a 24 hour store). I went back one night after this to find them STILL closed after 9 so I asked to speak to the manager. I told him what Asda had told me and he said “I don’t care what they say I’m not opening them”.

Naturally I emailed Asda again. They repeated what they told me and that they’d be telling him to open them. Next time I went back after 9 the entire SHOP was closed – despite it still having the big “24 Hours” sign. What a cunt of a manager.

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