I deleted that last post because it was referring to the wrong video, I was overtired when I wrote it, and I was bored by it.

This weekend has been more or less just like the last weekend – endless fucking training courses and having to think about work when all I want to do when I’m not at work is NOT think about fucking work. I need a fucking holiday!! And a 2 week one. Maybe I’ll actually get something relevant done, in between bashing out my thoughts for my blog here. I’ve felt like a blogging machine the last week or so – and so I have been. I get ideas all the time any time of a 24 hour period, and I’m mostly able to get them on to here on my phone or on my proper computer. I’m a bit hampered by the WordPress app which I do wonder why exactly they bother with it – you can’t even embed YouTube videos with that, and hotlinking is a hot mess.

Been fiddling with the lighting for my case and keyboard and it’s been nothing but fucking annoying. It’s all very well controlling the keyboard and the case lights at the same time, but not when there doesn’t seem to be any way to just set each separately. I don’t actually WANT them to do the same fucking thing!! Yes I know that’s “a cool feature”, but it should also be an optional one.

Alright. I need to get my arse to bed, on yet another horrific hot day. It’s only the 2nd of June, fucking hell. Please stop. I’m wanting Winter back. But there is hope for me on the horizon as we are closing in on the longest day of the year in just 18 days time!! When the nights close in, and the days are short, that’s when I’m at my absolute happiest – mainly because it means the feral little pikey cunts round here stay the fuck on their own property for longer, and don’t run around our fucking parking bays – OUR property.

Daylight is overrated anyway, you only need a couple of hours of it to get your Vitamin D. I can still get a bit after work and on my days off.

One thing in amongst all the total shit swirling around right now that is making me really happy is this phone game called Farm Snow. It’s basically a vague farm sim but it’s set in the snow and it’s permanently Christmas. I love it because of the loving details they’ve put in. The baubles on the Christmas tree even sway from side to side. And when the delivery van turns round it’s not just your usual 4 stage rotation which is the usual effort, the thing is actually completely fluidly animated when it turns round. Little touches like that I love.

I don’t know if “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” is actually copyright protected at all….I’m guessing it must be because the game uses some off-key version of it that is clearly meant to BE that tune.

Anways. Enough. Time for bed.

I’m due to unlock the train soon..

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