Ensuring special treatment for those wanting “equality”

I can’t guarantee much about the world, personally. But I can guarantee you this:


And “Chief Diversity Officer”. Does that by its very definition mean there’s a subset of Diversity Officers running around Disney?

Fuck me, let’s look in particular at this, shall we:

At Toyota, she led an integrated, holistic social responsibility strategy for the company. She united Toyota’s diversity and inclusion, shared impact and environmental sustainability efforts across North America under one function for the first time.

What does that even mean?????!!!! This sentence is like one of those jargon filled, blagging it pieces of bollocks you put on your CV to try and get a job that you have no idea how to actually do.

I bet she couldn’t even explain it herself. She “led an integrated, holistic social responsibility strategy for the company”. OOOH well tell me……..wh….HOW?!! She just sat around and typed an internal e-mail saying “be nice to everybody ya’ll 🙂 #kindness”. And what is this “shared impact and environmental sustainability efforts across North America under one function for the first time”. First of all that “shared” – again, she sent an e-mail. Fuck me, I’m breaking out the shoe polish here to black up so you can pay ME $450,000pa to sit in a chair and send e-mails!! What precisely IS an “environmental sustainability effort” at Toyota? It’s basically “make sure we have enough metal and plastic”, isn’t it. Come onnnn….you can do it…..yes….yes….? Yeeaaass there we go, that didn’t hurt too much, now, did it.

And that “under one function” jargon (cos everyone just LOVES jargon out here in the real world, although it does always remind us you’re only using jargon to try and make yourselves feel more clever than us – which by very definition of the fact we can see right through it you’ve failed miserably already). This basically means she cut out the fat, and sacked a few middle managers. Ohh whoopee-fucking-do!!

“Diversity” is a hollow, virtue signalling fucking SHELL of what it should be. It should be about inclusion of everyone regardless of their BACKGROUND, not based on the colour of their skin or their sexuality. Because whenever you see it said it always means “need more black people, need more gay people, need more trans people”. Can you IMAGINE the fucking furore and shrieking if someone was employed specifically to “employ more heterosexual white people”? I’d want to see people with brought up with not a penny to their fucking name included in these companies. In fact let me see you hire some poor Vietnamese woman who has been people trafficked across the ocean in a fucking REFRIGERATED CONTAINER stuffed in with 37 other Vietnamese people, and train HER up to your top tier staff level. But no, you can bet they’re mostly, in some cases ALL black people from middle class or higher families. How is that “diverse” in any way, in anything other than your own narrow, restrictive definition?

But overall, I’d want to see the best person for the fucking JOB doing that job. How about that as a fucking job title? “Best Person For The Job Officer”. Not woke enough, I know, but it’s sure as fucking hell going to create a better company than a “Diversity Officer” ever will I can assure you of that.

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