Fight Da Power!!

As ever in these cases, I’m a little baffled as to how caving in shop windows and stealing crates of beer is “making a point about race relations in America”. No no, enlighten me, please, as to exactly what is achieved by smashing up shops and stealing goods?

I’ve seen reports, with interviews with residents, that people are crossing states, burning down buildings, then fucking off back home again. Oh point well made there, ‘brutha’. Yes I’m sure this is definitely how George would wish things to pan out…

Then there’s the attack on CNN. Cos as we all know, CNN is responsible for black people dying. Oh and looky who’s telling them to stop – Mayor Keisha Lance who I believe is not actually a white person. But hey, yeah FUCK HER, she’s under the control of some white person….er…somewhere…right??! So we just gonna carry on cos George would have wanted us to smash up the windows of the very news network that constantly runs stories about racial injustices across the board…

Honestly, what the fuck is the point in protesting about something that happened nowhere where you live?? Shall I go out and smash someone’s car up because I disagree with what China is doing to Hong Kong..?

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6 thoughts on “Fight Da Power!!

  1. The folks who smash up things are absolute basket cases and are, in my opinion, doing that on purpose to cause even more hatred. Heck, the black-versus-white tensions have started yet again during this crisis. Ugh

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    1. I think you’re right. I just saw a Minneapolis takeaway owner say “why would residents burn down the business that serves them? I don’t think it’s anyone from around here”. These people are helping nothing. They’ll say “we are making our VOICE HEARD!!!!”. Yeah well go into a street and stand shouting all day then? That’s called a voice. Smashing in a shop window and nicking stuff is not a voice that’s just your excuse to steal stuff.

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      1. I saw the burning mattress shit on Twitter. Some saying “IT WAS INFOWARS THEY DID IT!!”, with some daft bint saying “Infowars staff wouldn’t be dressed like soyboy”. Is she really that dense it hadn’t crossed her mind that disguises are a thing? I don’t know if it was or wasn’t the whole entire ‘debate’ was purile.

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      2. I think she must be that dense, unironically, but then again, it’s hard to tell whether people are playing stupid or are plain stupid as some folks literally act retarded on the Internet. Either way though, that kind of idiocy is moronic

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