Trump signs executive order targeting Twitter after fact-checking row – BBC News

Overall Disclaimer : Assuming the fuckwad isn’t “just being sarcastic”…

Also when he says he might use “alternative” platforms, he’s talking of course about Brietbart, InfoWars or Gab – which are basically the online equivalent of Donny throwing yet another of his weekly comfort blankey rallies.

Just imagine for a moment being that fucking simple that your thought process basically amounts to “well all these people at my rallies agree with me so I’m right!”

Donald won’t ever stop Tweeting. It’s not something he’s capable of stopping, like the ever more senile gibberish that incessantly flies out of his mouth.

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2 thoughts on “Trump signs executive order targeting Twitter after fact-checking row – BBC News

  1. He also can’t do that legally. It’s Free Speech, which everyone has the right too. He sounds like the college kids who think someone who says something “hurtful” shouldn’t be allowed or call the campus police because of words. So he has that in common with them

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    1. Just more posturing, more rhetoric. I guess plenty of presidents before him have done both, so he’s just blending in, having, you know, pretended to his supporters that he’s totally different from all those other presidents…


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