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No no, BorderLANDS, Your Madgesty!!

Personally I found the first one a mediocre experience. I’d just blasted my way through BulletStorm, so came straight off of that incredible game to Borderlands, and saw something that was poorly executed, with graphics and graphics techniques that looked badly dated even though it came out around the same time as BulletStorm. Maybe I’d just been spoiled by BulletStorm’s ultra thrilling style, accessible gameplay, extreme violence and excellent graphical effects. You know, as opposed to having to try and force myself to fall into side splitting laughter over a whacky dustbin.

However, whilst BulletStorm never got a sequel, Borderlands has since had 2 – given the old adage in gaming of “give them mediocrity, and the masses will come”. It is the classic case of everyone rabidly loving this game, but they couldn’t tell you exactly why – they just feel like they ‘have to’ or else they’re some kind of freak and outcast, and not a real gamer, etc etc.

I have, of course, still added it to my library, yes. That’s cos it’s free and I like free things!

It doesn’t get much more thrilling…

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