The Chase

Yet more heartbreak already today (and I shouldn’t even be awake yet). Been chasing all over the internet for THIS beauty.

Look at all that Robogoodness. HOWEVER, as you can see from the photo, the limited edition does NOT appear to include a steelbook, and I LOVE steelbook editions. However, HMV still do have the steelbook in stock, for a great price, but the listing claims “1 disc”. I’ve e-mailed HMV to clarify, as all the other listings do say it contains both discs. Cos knowing my luck if I just assumed it’d be some single disc steelbook edition. I can easily live without the prints, booklet and poster (cool though they all are) if all the exact same blu-ray extras are with the steelbook edition (and WITH a steelbook to boot!!).

And let’s take a moment to remember what total SHIT the remake was – not least because the violence was pathetic (hello, you’re not making another Pride and Prejudice remake) and they also went and made Robocop and Robocop 2 in the same fucking film!!!! And that didn’t work on any level. So let’s forget that shit existed shall we, and get excited about another great Arrow Films release!

One to show the kiddies at Christmas….

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