Keeping an eye on the Epic Store from now until…whenever their current event thing ends…

I did buy Civilisation V but was shit at it. But fuck yes I’m trying out VI when it’s free!! This is one of those rare occasions where I AM in time having discovered this all by myself. The concept of each publisher having their own launcher remains utterly stupid – not least when there’s some crossovers, or, even more stupidly, when a game that’s been sat around on Steam for a decade gets a ‘remastered’ version and that remastered version, featuring the grand total of fuck-all new content, is not available on Steam and can only be purchased with the Epic launcher (I do so hate having to type those 2 words together).

BUT HEY, free is free, and CIV VI is a fairly recent game, and there are more to come, so, why not hop along to their launcher anyway and nab some free games. It’s better than being raped by Mike Tyson.

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11 thoughts on “£0.00

      1. Yep, and not to mention how bothersome it can be having to deal with different launchers, especially when they don’t always play nice.

        However, one, as much as I hate to say it, cannot deny the fact that Epic Games are doing well in the free offerings and the Unreal Engine too

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      2. Yeah they sure have skills and are a bit less of a mere show pony like Valve are now. Who’d have thought all this from the company that brought us a little side scroller called Duke Nukem. And Tyrian, I believe too.

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      1. Yeah, sadly, they won’t, or at least won’t put in the same effort as they did back in the day, as they can still milk that Fortnite cash cow.

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      2. It is really sad. I have ALWAYS wanted them to do an “Unreal 3” 😦 Just think how good they could make it now! Yeah you sure are right about their cash cow. They’re heading towards status as the publisher boogeyman ala EA. 😅 But yeah the giveaways are a plus and I will take free stuff thanks!

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      3. I found out last night that GTA V was one of them. Holy fuuuuuuuck!!! And worst of all I estimate it was around the time I finally caved and bought it for PC. 🤦‍♂️

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      4. Yeah, a lot of people have bought it for PC just before Epic/Rockstar said “here’s a free copy”, through no fault of the buyers sadly. The freebie announcement was literally last-second, so not 1 single person had the foresight or thought that GTA V would be given away for free.


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