Holy shit, NO WAY!!!!!

I finally, FINALLY got hold of a copy of Goldnigga on CD!!! For just 45.99 Euros!!! And in case you’re not aware just how great an achievement that actually is: here is the CD on Discogs .

The listing claims to be the version of the album with the extra track that was later removed. Whether that’s true, I remain to see. I’m also hoping this isn’t some scum who’s just colour printed some card and knocked me up a copied CD.

For some inexplicable reason about A DOZEN COPIES of this album turned up on Ebay this April. I’m gutted I missed that although fuck only knows where the seller got that many from. It’s almost impossible to get hold of – it was never sold in record shops. To this day I regret not just buying it from Prince’s shop in Camden. It was right in front of me!!! But at the time I was like “mehh I’m not paying £14 for a CD!!” IDIOT!!!!!!! But then how was I to know he wouldn’t go on to release it through to the likes of HMV! Hello, it was Prince – EVERYTHING by Prince gets a mainstream record shop release…..right…? (yes, wrong).

Anyway I snapped it up the SECOND I saw it come up in the search results on Ebay, so here’s hoping I’ve bagged a bargain. It also claims to be “Mint” condition which again, if true, would be mind blowing! Cross your fingers for me!!

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