Ruby Rose Leaves Batwhammon..

*insert “searching for someone who cares” meme*….

In the long history of “things that were male dominated for TOO LONG, what we need is a WHAMMIN in here for Twitter #!!!! Let’s DO THIS, GIRLS!!!” that flop, Batwoman wasn’t really going to leave a mark, now was it.

Now Ruby Rose has left after the first series (presumably the dire ratings were MEN’S FAULT FOR NOT WATCHING IT YOU MISOGYNIST SCUM). Because of course it is. Your abject failure can’t ever be because your decisions are a fucking terrible idea. I’m sure the whole premise of Ghostbusters 2016, She-Hulk and Batwoman was much deeper and more roundly thought out than “cos women!”.

This thing clearly failed so badly, because it’s already on Pick here. For those unaware, Pick is a free to air terrestrial channel run by Sky that usually gets Sky’s cast-offs. This ended up on here a mere 2 months after the show launched, which suggests that it didn’t even make it to Sky’s pay channels before being put on Pick. As a sidenote, I am not dissing Pick – it’s a really nice channel to have around, and is one of those REALLY rare channels that has NO “teleshopping” to fill out its schedules, ever. It’s great for insomniacs.

I really love this part:

Oh you strong woman, you!! Fuck me, I’m imagining the contract signing going something like:

“So Rose, here you can see how long the season is, how many shows there are, and what’s expected of you. I’m assuming you’ve read through all this and are ready to sign?”

“Oh sure!”

Few months later “OHHH, I never expected this thing to go on for so LONG and how hard this WORK would be!!”

Sorry, which part was a surprise to you, buttercup…? After, you know, being given a detailed contract and having an agent run you through that…? Do you think you could manage to at least put the kettle on for me?

And then there’s THIS, concerning a replacement:

This is taken from (I wanted to find a different article from the one Jeremy at Geeks & Gamers was using because I wanted to research properly and not just accept his version verbatim and only look at his friendly go-to sources).

Let’s think about this one shall we. They want only a LESBIAN actress to play the part.

Can you imagine the furore, and the Twitter shrieking (on a daily fucking basis) if a casting call was put out “we only want a STRAIGHT WHITE MALE for this film role”? Because I fucking can!!! So, let me get this straight (no pun), “love is love”…”everyone is equal”…”we’re tired of being DISCRIMINATED AGAINST just for being gay”…. ….. …I’m sure even the hateful LGBT mob can work the rest of my point out and where I’m going with this. Actually on Twitter they couldn’t and I’d need to hand hold them all the way through it.

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4 thoughts on “Ruby Rose Leaves Batwhammon..

  1. I remember when actor-type people were hired for their ability. I believed it was a Tuesday…
    But seriously, enough with the virtue hiring. Is being an Alphabet person going to make you a better actor/doctor/mechanic/whatever? No. No it will not.

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