Hahaha this is fucking laughable. I wonder why it’s only 2 quid and no one has bid?

Possibly because this is one of the worst attempts at a Prince autograph that I have EVER seen in my 30 odd years of being a fan. Oh yeah it’s “hand signed” alright – by YOU, you dumbarse bitch!!

As ever, Ebay’s reporting procedure is utterly useless and not geared up for these. Screwing someone for a fake for £2 is one thing, but it’s quite another when cunts on there are knocking up fakes and screwing people for 3 figure sums. That’s about the time they REALLY need to sort their reporting options out.

Oh christ she’s signed a Harry Potter cast one as well. Amazing that, isn’t it. She just ‘happened’ to have a Harry Potter book, and all THREE of the main stars of the films just ‘happened’ to have the time to sign all neatly, all in very carefully chosen spaces. My my, rosiesleight, however did you manage to capture them all in the very same place like that?

Have you seen enough yet – wait there’s more! She’s also got a “genuine hand signed” Wham! signed 7″ single!! My George and Andrew must have been so in tune with eachother back then, because their handwriting is almost exactly the same as one another’s!

**UPDATE** – As of the time of typing this lil Rosie there appears to have removed (or had removed – though being Ebay I doubt that) EVERY SINGLE ONE of her shockingly bad fake “hand signed autographs”!! 😁

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3 thoughts on “Gen-u-in!!

    1. At least this scabby bitch’s fakes are all gone. It’s not so serious when it’s a couple of quid but I’ve seen fake Prince ones for much more. Ebay seem entirely uninterested in clearing them off – guess it’s all about the 10% commission for them 😏 I’ve asked on their user forum to see if anyone else has any ideas because their reporting system is a USELESS series of drop down menus and all you can do is click on “submit” – there is no option to type any specifics to nail what is becoming a HUGE racket – and an international one.

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      1. Good riddance to bad tat, but yes, eBay has a reputation for not being too great in terms of supporting honest practices, and heck, it’s easy to even scam sellers off for full refunds

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