Can I get a “bwahahahahahaha!!!”

A rather glorious piece from The Verge all about how badly Google Stadia is going.

I mean, you know how I hate being right about that shite.

The comments are ‘mixed’ to say the least. There are several compelling points people make that all point towards Google pulling the plug on this inherently stupid concept. There aren’t really anywhere close to as compelling points made that point toward its survival. The uptake is feeble after months and months post launch. And large corporations do not have the time to sit around and wait for something like this to grow all nice and slowly and organically over protracted periods – not least in the current climate of masses of zero income companies. Despite this, several doe-eyed naive types in the comments section still clinging on “no…no…it WILL be massive, I swear!!”, much like the PSVR fans before them.

What do I reckon the chances are of Sony trying to drum up interest in VR for the PS5 on launch night? Somewhere between fuck all and nil. And let’s see if I’m mistaken.

Cloud based gaming eh…what could go wrong?! 🤣

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