“NO opinions that differ from ours, NO!!! So sign our petition against a bigot!!”

This is old news, and yet The Mirror has let the shit float to the surface again.

I say it’s old news because this petition has taken 7 months to reach a rather feeble 50,000.

To the fuckwitted SJW who set up the petition (and I’ll come to his horseshit in a bit), this probably proves to him “THE UK IS OVERRUN WITH HATEFUL BIGOTS WHO WON’T LET ME IDENTIFY AS A TRANS-SPECIES UNICORN!!!!!!”

But as ever on my blog, let’s take the rational road here shall we? Let us look at what he’s actually typed as his reason to take away some complete stranger’s job (cos that’s what “progressive” people do, you see):

First of all “blood on their hands”. Errrrrrrr…….okay once you’ve stopped spitting out pink feathers can you actually name me so much as 1 single attack on a gay/lesbian/transsexual/unicorn that was directly and unequivocally linked to what some bloke on TV said…? Oh and I should clarify, by “attack” I am not referring to “this man said bad things on TV!!!!” I’m talking about a physical assault, recorded by the police. Name one. Because once you’ve managed to do that, that would tend to prove your point you’re making there. Otherwise……………

Whilst you’re scrabbling around for that (or, more likely, rolling your eyes muttering “bigot just doesn’t get it, pfft” – which has already proved my point – thanks), perhaps you could tell me, after dismissing Piers’ coming out as a gender neutral penguin (you purposely forgot to add the “gender neutral” bit – mainly because the majority of the populous think it’s an utterly ridiculous notion, so if you just say “a penguin” it removes the very point he was making) why you find that so intolerable and appalling, when later on you express confusion as to why people can’t just accept the way you want to identify:

Nevermind being confused about your gender identity, you appear to also be confused about your own points and arguments. Possibly more likely is, you want to have your cake AND eat it. Providing it has a rainbow decoration on the top, obviously.

Let’s have a look at some more words of wisdom that he’s using as ‘justification’ for his petition:

Yes people WAKE UP!!! Presumably this is you saying that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is sleeping and stupid…? Well, that’s very ‘tolerant’ of you, isn’t it. Oh it “should be obvious”. Again, “should be”, which is his way of saying “if you don’t agree with my opinions you are WRONG, and a hateful bigot”. “It should be, you know unless you’re on the WRONG side of the debate here”. Christ, no wonder these people are widely becoming known as the biggest bigots of them all. It’s insidious how they word their bigoted views.

Also note how he says “Morgan’s rhetoric and actions” – carefully avoiding using the word “opinions“. Because ohh, oh noooo, we welcome those opinions, but “this is not about opinions” (I’ve actually been told that on Twitter regarding this subject) “it’s about hateful bigotry”. Nnnno, it’s about OPINIONS. As for “Morgan’s actions”….WHAT actions. Again, they will divert you as much as they can because they’re desperate to avoid getting cornered by the fact they want to shut down OPINIONS – because if they conceded that they’d eventually have to admit that they are the bigots here.

Reading through that epic rant of his, anyone just landing on Planet Earth would be under the impression that the UK is rampant with physical assaults on the gay and transsexual community. Up the top (after having to dig back to the mid-90’s to try and justify a late 2019 “sack him” petition) he’s all “55% of transgender people” this and “84%” that. What he conveniently doesn’t mention is that these people account for, at every best estimate, 1% of the population. 1….percent. Now cue the “oh so you think it’s alright then Stephen just cos it’s only a minority?!!!”………*big sigh*…..My point was that no, there is NOT some kind of mass attack on these people, and neither are there swarms of hate squads running through streets after them.

It’s like I always say, the more these people shriek about Piers Morgan, the more they are proving him exactly right about them wanting to silence ANYONE who doesn’t agree with them. From wanting to get Piers sacked, to dismissing (as Liam clearly does throughout), anyone who dares to AGREE with him on Twitter or elsewhere, along with dismissing their intelligence levels and understanding of anything. Why’s that then Liam? Hmm…? Oh, that’s right, because YOU’RE right and everyone ELSE is wrong on this one. I’d encourage you to read through his entire rant for an example of what the actual definition of “bigot” really is.

But there is a bright spot on the horizon:

The opposing pro-Piers petition has around 4000 more signatures.

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