Shit, kids!

8:05pm on Channel 4 News….so, seeing as that was +1, 7:05 broadcast, and a care worker, asked what it’s like having to deal with a possibly infected resident, replied “it’s shit really”. Nope, not a bleep in there, just “shit” before the 9pm watershed. But THAT’S OKAY, right? Cos “in times of pandemic, you can just say “shit” on TV whenever you want to”. Except, I can bet you any money you wish, that had a studio guest said “shit” just 120 seconds after the recorded piece, Krishnan would have gone “yeh, if you could just tone down the language please”, and ended the interview by saying “and we’d like to apologise to viewers for the language used during that interview”.

But NOPE!!!! Sorry not sorry! This is a crisis, FUCK YOU, Ofcom.

File under “Complaints welcome”…

You can imagine some parent sat with their small child..”mummy why did that woman say “shit”?? “Don’t worry, Sophie, it’s because there’s a pandemic on!”.

Do not get me wrong, I CANNOT ABIDE censorship of any kind. But this is not “censorship”, this is a simple fucking RULE that applies to ALL TV, not just “oh, but we’re woke Channel 4 News, we’re exempt on this”.

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