Ohhhh, Amazon….

Just who are you trying to fucking kid….

You have a proven track record of killing your staff and then covering it up that you’ve killed them. What joker thinks anyone with a brain cell is actually fooled by this basic level propaganda – coming as it does from a company that has vending machines on site that dispense painkillers.

Comments are turned off. SURPRIIIIISE…..

Also notice they’ve only seen fit to bother…ahem….’reassuring’ everybody on the 16th of April. ‘Coincidentally’ after they’ve been busted by at least one UK whistleblower over their predictable lack of managerial fucks given for the safety of employees and the public at large during a pandemic. Ohh but I’m sure the timing with this advert is entirely “coincidental”, right, Amazon? (I’m being rhetorical – Amazon don’t have the balls to front up to anyone outside of their own sackable workers).

Amazon’s Darlington Victorian Workhouse. Twitter AmazonFC accounts: “We’re all really happy here!! *cough cough*”

Oh, ohhh but wait, those are “contractors” and were totally given a telling off by management about social distancing right after we saw this expose in the local newspaper…sorry I meant “immediately after we noticed them sat around right next to one another in the canteen…yeah…yeah that’s the one”. Come off it, Amazon – your managers don’t have a fucking clue what goes on in your parcel centres. Your other contractors include delivery drivers who are so pressured for time they have to poo in their delivery vans. So really, really don’t pretend that management know what goes on in the places they’re supposedly ‘managing’.

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