Cold off the press! Drop the front page!!

Dear T3, no one gives a shit about Stadia.

Oh except shills, #Stadia #GiveMeFreeThings on Twitter, and “tech journalists”, of course. But as we all know, none of those are actual tech users. Despite this obviously uninteresting tie-in, I’m really looking forward to the insanity that will be the ROG Phone 3.

One good thing to come from the Corona virus is that we were spared the awkward silences at the Asus press launch. And I absolutely guarantee you there would have been – going on form from the entitled wankers sat there in stony silence at the 2019 Zenfone 6 launch in Barcelona. Particularly when merely asked to “welcome to the stage…..”. You know, I might not be the brightest, but even I know when someone says “welcome to the stage” it’s polite form to clap, not carry on sitting there in silence. So quite how unintelligent the press pass gang was is truly mind-blowing.

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