S..sorry is there a zombie apocalypse on that no one’s told me about??

Frantic fucking MORONS continue to get on my last fucking nerve. I wish I could reach out to more people to explain this, but I’m going to anyway. So sit the fuck down and strap yourself in.

Here is how “stockpiling” works. Stockpiling is sometimes necessary for when THERE IS VERY LOW STOCK OF AN ITEM IN THE COUNTRY, AND THE SHOP IS UNSURE WHEN MORE WILL BE AVAILABLE. Is that clear…? Want me to run that by you again you thick fucking twats??? Okay well let that sink in boys and girls, alright? Make yourself some hot cocoa and let it sink in to your very simple brain. And then we’ll move on…

Ready to move on…? Okay, the other thing to note in this instance is, THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF ANY OF THE ITEMS YOU ARE CONSTANTLY CLEARING SUPERMARKET SHELVES OF, EITHER AT THE SUPERMARKET END, OR IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN. THEREFORE THERE IS NO NEED TO STOCKPILE. Mmmmkay?? Would you like a biscuit with your cocoa you unfathomably simple minded selfish fuckwad?? These 2 paragraphs contain 3 whole concepts. Now I know you’re going to need a lot of time and brain power to process all 3 but it’s important that you do, mmmkay? Because they are all interconnected. I’ll provide you with an audiobook of them so you can take them away and learn them. It will take you a few months, I know, but the results will be worth it. Only £59.99 for the 22 minute CD, which is definitely a bargain, and you can trust me on that because very evidently I know far more than you about ….well probably anything by the looks of it. Incidentally the CD is 5:41 of me explaining those 3 concepts to you very slowly and the rest is just some Kenny G music on repeat. I knew you’d like that to help you unwind after having to deal with words.

Published by InsanityDaily

I'm a gamer. I'm a coaster. I am happy in general. We're all born by chance and we're all gonna die. That makes me no better or worse than you. Get over that fact and we'll probably get along. I comment on the Google news feed a lot. Oh, and I swear quite a lot.

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